Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Anti Deer Cull groups need to come clean

Devin Kazakoff protesting in Cranbrook 2013
Devin Kazakoff spokesperson for the BC Deer Protection Society (BCDPS) and the Invermere Deer Protection Society (IDPS), has been charged with mischief, and disguising the face with intent to commit an offence.  Kazakoff and co accused Lucky Gene Sikora were alleged to have tampered with the deer traps in Kimberley on Feb 27th. Kazakoff and Sikora are enabled by multiple anti deer cull groups across BC and a registered political party in Ontario the Animal Alliance and Environmental Voters Party. Animal Alliance is run from Ontario by Liz White, the BCDPS is headed by Colleen Bailey of Cranbrook of which Kazakoff is a spokesperson, Kazakoff and Vince Zurbriggen are on record as the founders of the IDPS. These activists all share a common goal under the BC Deer Protection Coalition (BCDPC) giving themselves internal support and a larger donation base.
BCDPS spokesperson Kazakoff has been decrying the secrecy of councils by day while under cover of darkness he was allegedly wearing a mask to tamper with traps. Neither Liz White of the Animal Alliance or Coleen Bailey, head of the BCDPS have made any official statement to the media about the arrest of the BCDPS spokespersons.  Is the BCDPS shifting gears and adopting a Greenpeace style of activism?
The BCDPS, BCDPC and the Animal Alliance have had ample time to make a public statement about Kazakoff and Sikora. Ms. White and Bailey need to be reminded that it is their spokesperson that is facing serious criminal charges, have they nothing to say?  Colleen Bailey and Liz White have taken the time to post comments or articles on various media sources since the arrest but neither makes any mention of Kazakoff’s arrest.  They need to publically condemn what Kazakoff’s is alleged to have done.  Failure to do so could send these various deer protection groups down the road of eco-activism; embracing criminal activity to achieve their goals.
Is this really want  Colleen Bailey and Liz White want?

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