Monday, 18 March 2013

Whos afraid of Fracking?

The BC liberals seem to understand that the opportunity to get BC's natural gas to the west coast, liquefy it and ship it to Asia is an opportunity similar to what Alberta cashed in on after they discovered oil. BC has an opportunity that most jurisdictions never have, a chance for 1000's of jobs and billions in government revenues.

Question is, what would an NDP government do with this opportunity? Let's do a quick comparison:

The BC Jobs Plan lays out how the Liberals expect to develop the LNG model

1) Greater emphasis on market diversification to increase the value of BC’s natural gas;

2) Supporting job creation together with industry, educators and communities;

3) Continued strong leadership on clean energy and climate change moving forward; and

4) A redefinition of government’s self-sufficiency policy to ensure BC is well-positioned to power expansion.

Adrian Dix has his LNG model laid out as well:

1) Appoint an expert panel to conduct a broad public review of fracking, including public hearings and consultations with First Nations, local communities, industry, environmental groups and citizens.

2) Make immediate changes to protect B.C.’s water resources, including consolidating authority for water licensing within one public body; improving water mapping, monitoring and public reporting; and ending the current practice of issuing free water permits through the Oil and Gas Commission.

3) Extend funding for the Farmers’ Advocate office to ensure landowners in the natural gas fields have the support they need to deal with the gas industry.

4) Examine the province’s Climate Action Plan in order to take into account proposed expansions in gas development, which will bring more upstream greenhouse gas emissions.

Even the most fracking cynical person in BC can’t argue against the fact that royalties from LNG will help every sector of the BC economy. It is expected to generate trillions of dollars to gov’t coffers over many years. This would place BC on par with our neighbor to the east in resource royalties. The next election will dictate how fast that revenue gets into the tax stream. Companies with billions of dollars to spend will only do so in a pro-business environment. In the 1990’s under the NDP the policies created for resource extraction closed down most of the industry. It would appear the NDP, if elected, are on track to return BC to the days of bureaucracy. The NDP strategy will force companies to go thru multiple levels of government, committees, consultations, advocacy offices and First Nations to get approval on each and every drill site, bridge crossing, pipeline, road and trail. The environmentalist’s will make erroneous claims that increased expansion contributes to climate change which will force the NDP to review the development process yet again. Companies will quietly move away from BC and find other areas of the world that are friendly to business and we will become a have not province again.

The opposition to LNG extraction is largely based on the explotation of the media by  environmentalists using misinformation and half-truths. Suzuki Foundation, Wildsight, Sierra Club of BC, Greenpeace and CPAWS  are all hoping that the NDP, if elected, will follow thier ideological views.
The article below provides a look at the US experience on fracking where it has been used for over 60 yrs. The next election will decide whether the province and its LNG treasure trove is headed for rags or riches; ThinkTwice on how you want to move BC forward.

Paul Visentin

ThinkTwice group

Who’s afraid of fracking?

Federal and state environmental officials have given hydraulic fracturing a clean bill of health. Why do radical environmentalists continue to wage war on this game-changing technology?


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